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Blocktrend is a Taiwan-based independent media dedicated to blockchain and Web3. Since 2017, we've been publishing original articles and podcasts, simplifying Web3 concepts and encouraging hands-on experience.

With over 500 articles and 200 podcast interviews, our unique approach has gained recognition. We are the only Taiwan-based Web3 program officially endorsed by Apple, featured prominently on the Apple Podcasts homepage for easy access. This recognition has allowed our program to consistently secure a top position in Taiwan's technology podcast rankings.

Narrative Originality

A crucial distinction is that all Blocktrend content is original. Unlike many Taiwanese media sources that rely heavily on second-hand information translated from Chinese media, we create our own narratives. We recognize the distinctive political, economic, and Web3 landscape of Taiwan versus China, and we deliver insights from a uniquely Taiwanese perspective.

Bridging Complexities and Practicality

Blocktrend plays a pivotal role in elucidating complex blockchain concepts and their practical applications. Our content bridges the gap between intricate technicalities and real-world utility, presenting the transformative potential of blockchain across society, business, and technology. We're a trusted source for Web3 newcomers, providing clear, concise, and relatable explanations.

Accessible Analogies

Our approach involves translating intricate ideas into accessible analogies, catering to both novices and experts. Through our efforts, we've built trust, enhanced understanding, and fostered engagement within the Web3 community. Amidst the overwhelming crypto information, Blocktrend stands as a reliable platform for meaningful knowledge-sharing.

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全職作家,經營付費訂閱制電子報《區塊勢》。以每週三篇的節奏,討論區塊鏈衍生出的商業、科技、法律和隱私議題,從中看見趨勢。最喜歡收到的回饋是淺顯易懂。 An educator and optimist, dived into crypto in 2017 and emerged with Blocktrend, a subscription-based media platform that makes Web3 as digestible as your favorite cereal.